Plants to grow and care for in Monsoon season.


The monsoon is a season of transition, from winter to spring. It’s also the time when many plants begin to bloom and produce seeds. The monsoons can be wet and humid or dry, depending on where you live in India. In southern parts of our country they tend to be wetter than northern ones due to higher temperatures during summer months.  How to Plants to grow and care for in Monsoon ?.


Hibiscus is a beautiful flowering plant that’s easy to grow. It’s a great plant for beginners, and it’s also a great choice for the monsoon season.

Hibiscus has large, bright red flowers that bloom in clusters all over the plant. The blooms are often called “flowers” because they’re actually petals that have fallen off their stems after being pollinated by insects (like bees) who visit them during the day and night hours alike.


Lantana plant
Lantana plant

Lantana is a flowering plant that grows well in the monsoon. It’s also known as torch lily, Indian lantana and swamp lily. It can be used to make wreaths and bouquets, or it can be planted as a single specimen. Plants to grow and care for in Monsoon the season.

The best place to grow this plant is in full sun, but it will also tolerate partial shade if you’re going for a big display at your wedding reception!


Begonia plant

Begonia is a tropical plant that grows in the ground and can be grown in pots. It’s a perennial plant, meaning it will grow for years and produce flowers year after year.

Begonias are easy to care for, but they do need plenty of sunlight to thrive. They also need well-drained soil with adequate drainage so that water doesn’t rot them from the inside out!

Hibiscus, Lantana and Begonia – three gorgeous plants to grow during the monsoon

Hibiscus, Lantana and Begonia are three gorgeous plants that can be grown during the monsoon.

Hibiscus – Plants to grow and care for in Monsoon.

If you’re looking for something that will brighten up your garden with its orange flowers throughout summer and spring, hibiscus is a great choice. The plant grows well in containers or on patios and balconies as long as they have some sun exposure. It also works well outdoors if you live where there are no restrictions (i.e., no snow or rain). Planting hibiscus indoors gives it an opportunity to grow larger than if planted outside because there aren’t any pests eating away at its leaves until winter comes around again!

Lantana (Tropical Bougainvillea) Plants to grow and care for in Monsoon.

Tropical bougainvilleas are beautiful trees but they require good drainage so make sure yours has proper drainage before planting them outside in pots or planters near ponds/pools where water might accumulate during rainy weather events like monsoons here in Singapore! They’re also susceptible to disease outbreaks so keep an eye out for signs such as wilting leaves after being transplanted into new locations within your property perimeter boundaries; this could mean certain types

These plants look beautiful and are easy to care for in the monsoon.

These plants look beautiful and are easy to care for in the monsoon.

They can be planted at any time of year, but it’s best to do it during spring or autumn when there’s less rain.


These plants are perfect for anyone who wants to grow a beautiful garden. They are easy to care for, look great and can even attract wildlife into



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